Addition Activities/Games

Batabatuta Addition
This Addition game will help young kids develop their addition skills as they are having fun. Kids may find this challenging, level of difficulty is provided so that kids can practice starting from easy level moving to hard level. Help button is provided which will guide them to get the answer and at the same time their counting skills will be enhanced. When kids are confident on their counting skills they can progress on to counting in their heads and they can begin to progress on to column addition.

Useful Links

Addition machine
Addition Machine
Ambleweb Addition Machine. Choose a skill level and off you go. (

Maths magician
Maths Magician
Practice addition facts by number. (

Find out how many shoes each bug has and click the correct answer. Then watch and have fun. (

Sum Sense
Sum Sense
Single Digit Addition. Drag and drop the number cards to make 'sum' sense. (

Dartboard Game
Reach your target score by placing darts on the dartboard. (

Speed greed challenge
Speed Grid Challenge - Addition
Speed grid challenge is a one player game against the clock. (

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